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Security on our website was the top concern from day one of development. We realise that your personal details should be treated with the highest confidence, and after reviewing many ways to handle online payment, we have settled for an option that we believe suits our security expectations fully.

Once you have finished filling your shopping cart, and click the 'Continue' button, you are transferred to our secure checkout on Barclays Merchant Services servers - here you will see the security padlock in the bottom of your browser screen. This means that all of your personal address and credit card details are handled by Barclays on our behalf, completely removing us from the payment loop.

This also means that any queries regarding declined credit / debit cards should be referred to your own bank, as we have no control over the verification and acceptance of your details.

We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that you may have about security on our site, just email us at:


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